IVF, Life, Vacation

Here I am again after long absence. There’s lots being going on with respect to ttc, first IVF cycle, emotional, physical and work. I am taking everything at its own pace. I haven’t planned huge for near future. In fact I am not even thinking about tomorrow, it avoids the apprehension, fear and breaking of … More IVF, Life, Vacation

Forget Me Not

Hey my fellow TTC sisters and friends, I am so sorry for not blogging and updating you with my life. I have been AWOL. Have you ever experienced that life is running fast yet slow at the same time? Confusing, I l know. Fate has been conspiring to make me overwhelmed and apprehensive since a … More Forget Me Not

Why I Love Tag (And You Should, Too!) Fertility Warrior Q & A

Fertility Warrior Q & A I have been asked by a fellow fertility warrior – Strength through infertility to contribute in raising awareness of infertility & childlessness.  Set up by Post IVF world, the idea is that bloggers answer a set of 10 questions about their own infertility experiences and then add an extra question … More Why I Love Tag (And You Should, Too!) Fertility Warrior Q & A

Highbrow | 5-Minute Lessons Delivered To Your Inbox

Are you on Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Probably ‘Yes’ to all, right? Ever wondered how much time do we invest on each social platform? It is estimated that the average daily time spent on social media by each person is: YouTube: 40 minutes Facebook: 35 minutes Snapchat: 25 minutes Instagram: 15 minutes Twitter: 1 minute No … More Highbrow | 5-Minute Lessons Delivered To Your Inbox