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Here I am again after long absence. There’s lots being going on with respect to ttc, first IVF cycle, emotional, physical and work. I am taking everything at its own pace. I haven’t planned huge for near future. In fact I am not even thinking about tomorrow, it avoids the apprehension, fear and breaking of expectations.

Living in this moment is what I’m striving for. I started writing this post while I was in salon. Yes sometimes the change in your look or hairstyle is what you need. Try it, it changes the whole perspective about yourself. You will fall in love with self.

Update on ttc: We are heading towards our first IVF cycle. This is my second month on estrogen followed by progesterone and with supplements. I am on 6 mg of estrogen daily which was reduced from 8 mg from first month since it was taking a toll on my body. I had severe cramps, dead tired and my skin, oh! I have been attacked by army of soldier even I am vitamins.

I’m looking forward to our counselling session. I want to know how H feels about all this. I want to know a mens perspective. Though sometimes as a couple you may not share all and everything emotionally when it comes to infertility.

I would believe in miracle only if my failing ovaries pop out a follicle to fertilise later. I am far from expecting any of this happening considering the stage of my Premature ovarian failure. This isn’t true for my mother because she believes it might happen. I don’t want to hurt her with harsh truth so I do not speak the opposite.

To accept what it’s in front of us and living with it, we are heading for a short vacation. There is so much to learn while you travel and explore. I will updates on my Instagram account : kohleyed7

Stalk me there 😁

Till then, see you all soon.

I love to make memories especially during travel. They give a special touch to my life.

Forget Me Not

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Hey my fellow TTC sisters and friends,

I am so sorry for not blogging and updating you with my life. I have been AWOL.

Have you ever experienced that life is running fast yet slow at the same time? Confusing, I l know. Fate has been conspiring to make me overwhelmed and apprehensive since a month. I am really caught up emotionally right now.

I am sorry Sprha Prarthita, I am not able to work on what we are planning about.

I am giving myself this one months’ time to recover and get back on track. I give you all my word to visit you soon.

I promise to be back with new stuff, new plans and much more. Look forward to this blog www.waitingforbabyinbelly.com rising again.

Try to remember me sometimes…

Let’s stay in touch: kohleyed7@gmail.com

Instagram, Twitter handle: kohleyed7

forget me not

Why I Love Tag (And You Should, Too!) Fertility Warrior Q & A

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Fertility Warrior Q & A

I have been asked by a fellow fertility warrior – Strength through infertility to contribute in raising awareness of infertility & childlessness.  Set up by Post IVF world, the idea is that bloggers answer a set of 10 questions about their own infertility experiences and then add an extra question that we think others may find useful.  In the end there should be a huge amount of information available for people to access which in turn should help raise awareness.

So, here are my answers

  1. Are you male or female?


  1. Where are you in your infertility journey?

TTC since 4 years. Primary infertility (never conceived)

  1. What is your infertility diagnosis if you have one?

Yes I do have one and it is nailed down to Premature Ovarian Failure or Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI). You can read about it more in my post.

  1. How old were you when you got your diagnosis and how old are you now?

I was 29 when the lightnings and thundering stroke my life: I may never have a baby with my own eggs because very few are left.

  1. What do you do to keep your spirits up on the tough days?

It is indeed tough to keep up the spirit living with infertility. I am living each day with the belief: Everything happens for a reason. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently for it will surely take place. It will not be denied.

  1. How do you feel you have been treated by medical professionals?

I myself as a medical professional can’t answer it but I had consulted two specialists. I exactly remember their words. One had said, “The problem is in you not your husband” which definitely did sting me. The other specialist said: “Nature has given you beautiful uterus just that it may not hold your ‘own’ baby.”


  1. Have you been offered support of any kind?

Honestly, none from near and dear ones. My one of the best friend is standing by me and all the support that I have received till now is by you, the fellow #TTC sisterhood.

  1. How do your issues affect you on a day to day basis?

Oh! There are no words to explain the feeling of being stared by all the aunties (as if saying: when? Still no?), watching babies in arms, baby stroller everywhere you go, the pregnant bellies, the advertisements of baby soap, diapers, shampoo, pregnancy shoots, announcement, it goes on and on.


  1. If you could tell yourself something back when you were first diagnosed, what would it be?

This too shall pass!

  1. Are you open about your infertility? If so, has this helped?  If not, is it something you think might help?

I am opening up about my fertility issues. Yes it has definitely helped me. Most of the things I have shared through writings and I am blessed to have so many of you to understand me.

In my day-to-day life the only person I have talked about this is my ‘guy’ friend and I am amazed how well he understood and stood besides me rather than degrading / blaming me.

My question

What advice will you give to the couples fighting infertility?                                         

NO BLAMING ! If you have infertility due to female factors, do not blame her and this goes vice-versa as well.


“Promise me you’ll always remember that you’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you know.” — Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

Be supportive. Trust me the support you give to each other in this tough fight is all that matters. The greatest impact of infertility is not just about difficult to conceive but is on a relationship as well. It either becomes stronger or falls apart.

Living with the bitterness for each other is not how you deal with it.

I am not tagging anyone specific but I would like anyone of you going through the same journey as ours, do take up this tag. The answers will be a reflection of your insights. 


Highbrow | 5-Minute Lessons Delivered To Your Inbox

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Are you on Instagram? Twitter? Facebook?

Probably ‘Yes’ to all, right? Ever wondered how much time do we invest on each social platform? It is estimated that the average daily time spent on social media by each person is:

YouTube: 40 minutes

Facebook: 35 minutes

Snapchat: 25 minutes

Instagram: 15 minutes

Twitter: 1 minute

surprise gif

Do you spend more time than these statistics?

No surprise we all do, indeed!

There are thousands of feeds about current events, entertainment, hacks, tips and tricks flooding on our social media platform. But how much do we learn and put it for use? Mostly less because at the end of the day we forget the information bombarded in the feeds.

A few minutes of informative video or text makes a great impact on our learning and broadening our knowledge.

I had randomly landed on Highbrow – an email subscription service which provides 10 day courses which are broken down into 5-minute lessons.

If you are an art student or enthusiasts, want to start a business, learn new language, philosophy or writing, there are courses for each category.

There are about 140 courses made by Highbrow which is categorized under:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Health
  • History
  • Language
  • Nature
  • Philosophy
  • Productivity
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Writing

Highbrow has free and Premium membership (annual and monthly subscription). The great part is there are numerous courses available in free membership.

highbrow | learn something new every day

Check out some courses which are fun to opt for and also gain knowledge through 5-minute lesson everyday:

How To Make A Viral Video

How To Make Your Own Podcast (My favorite one, hope to start one of my own! :D)

How To Change Any Habit And Make It Stick

Journey Into Minimalism (Minimalism is the #trend on high rise)

Amazon FBA Fundamentals: From No-Experience To Selling Your Product
What I like about Highbrow:

·      You have to invest 5-minute of learning something you love. After reading the mail, you can begin with implementation of the lessons.

·      You are introduced to new concepts

·      You will receive good suggestions and tips in mails

The only drawback of the free membership is you are allowed to start only one course at a time which according to me is good as I can focus on one thing at a time.

Highbrow also offers you to Become a Teacher by building a course in your expertise. What are you waiting for? Teach, earn and share your knowledge in this web world. 

teach on highbrow

Host Your Course With Highbrow and reach over 300K learners

This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing what I liked. After all, life is all about learning till the end!