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Take Me Away

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happy girl looking

Take me away, to the place where dreams come true

Take me away, to the place where love dwells in each heart

Take me away, to the place where life is not taken for granted

Take me away, to the place where jealousy doesn’t drink happiness

Take me away, to the place where ego doesn’t eat innocence

Take me away, to the place where pervert doesn’t lay its dirty hands

Take me away, to the place where hatred doesn’t kill the love

Take me away, to the place where hate doesn’t burn in the name of love

Take me away, to the place where music ignites love and respect

Take me away, to the place where life is lived to its fullest.


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Weekend- Reminder of my Infertility

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What did I do over the weekend?

weekend post


How about starting the weekend with pamper time? I did just that, prepping for it from the afternoon at work itself. I fall into the sponsored ads with the greed of getting more by paying less. I booked an appointment on the online beauty parlour.

Firstly, I waited and waited for an hour. 2 beauticians assigned for me but both in hurry to complete their respective task (neither of them done it perfectly). My previously well-cut styled hair got ruined (nothing ‘creative hair cut’). Facial and pedicure wrapped up in half hour with no relax feeling.

spa pedicure big stylist

spa pedicure

Lesson learned: Never book an appointment with the company again.

(It would have been much better I did it by myself as I do it often, but I would like to try UrbanClap once due to their good reviews)


H surprised me by telling ‘how about visiting to your moms’ place?’ I was over the moon but I did not reveal it 😉

We travelled via Mumbai local train (as usual). Needless to say they are overcrowded but still I like them. They are the part of my teen life and 20’s.

I love these ballerinas from honey. A gift from H on our second wedding anniversary (2014), the only anniversary we celebrated which eventually did not turn out good (many reasons not to celebrate).

Moms place = No work = Relaxation = Ready Cooked Food


Sev Puri: My one of the favourite Indian chat from many


Lazy morning. Tasty breakfast by Mom. Non-veg food for lunch (Had pomfrey fish after many years).

I was pissed off due to late train and the afternoon heat.

We were on the way to visit a newborn baby. (I was hesitant considering my infertility status). I am not jealous with the pregnancy or baby birth news. Yes but it does hurt and hauls me inside the infertility void. Moreover when I surely know that H would have a reason again to put a finger on me.

I wiped away the image of the newborn from my mind otherwise it would have left me scarred again.

Though I couldn’t get it out while I was folding the laundry and it consumed me. I was numb. I cried to myself. I folded hands and prayed and questioned all over again.

I closed my eyes to hear the question, “When will we have?” and I drowned in sleep as the tear trickled down the corner of my eyes.


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Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

What is the word meaning of reincarnation?

It is a noun: the rebirth of a soul in another body.

How about believing in ‘metamorphosis’ which means rebirth but in the same soul? I do believe it.

We all metamorphose in our lifetime for good or bad. Phases of life can be compared to playing tennis. The ball is thrown by unknown life stages. We need to strike back with such a strategy to win a point and not a foul. The audience cheer for us or discourages. Always try to hit the ball!

Unlike tennis life has many sets. We win some, we lose some. 

I do believe in Karma, life will hit us back anytime but in this lifetime not in next one (if there is one).

Daily writing prompts- February 8, Karma chameleon.

Right to health

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Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

It doesn’t matter which sector solely provide medical care. The fundamental being each and every one should have access to medical facility.

The sad reality is: people requiring medical aid cannot avail due to high cost. The sector which treats with minimal cost has long waiting list and by the time the wait is over, it is too late.

Why should the word “affordable” be connected with treatment? Let it be limited to material things- clothes, house, car and many more.

Daily writing prompt:  February 7, Right to health

Will she or will she not?

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Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

She wrote the last sentence in her journal and kissed it goodbye. She had matchbox and a knife in front of her.

She has poured her heart out in it. Why wouldn’t she? It was her only companion after all. Who knew this day would come when she had to end her journal and her life!

There are secrets hidden inside her journal not that would kill anyone but they might bring a turmoil in many relationships. How many times she pulled herself out from writing in it! But no one would listen her other than the journal which never complained.

She was sure that someone knew about it now as the last memoir written was, “Where will you go now?” not by her.

She was only left with two options now, burn it or kill herself! Burning the journal would not turn the secrets into the smoke and killing herself meant betrayal to many relationships.

What would she do?

Daily writing prompt: February 6 Choose your adventure


Smartphone – My Lifeline?

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Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

The day when my simple mobile turned to a Smartphone our roles reversed. I became dependent on android rather than I controlling it. (I AM A SLAVE!) Well, that was a bit dramatic but  our life revolve around mobile phone.

Morning starts from waking up to the alarm set on my phone. My morning routine doesn’t start with checking FB, Insta or Twitter (what a sigh of relief) though I do ON the Wifi.

I have a bad habit of watching YouTube, checking tweets, instagram while having breakfast (Yes, this IS A bad habit).

It is not a lifeline as I or anyone can live without it and neither is it a buzzing nuisance. I have disabled unnecessary notifications (WhatsApp being one of the many, believe me, nothing but forwarded message flood in WhatsApp now-a-days instead of actual communication).

It has made my life easy by putting an end to stand in queues for hours for paying bills or transacting money.

Not all but many misuse the advantage of Smartphone. Let us stop what the photo depicts.

Daily writing prompt: February 5, Call me, maybe

My reading and writing space

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A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I have always imagined how my writing space should be. Reading- I can read anywhere. Now-a-days most of my reading is during travelling in Mumbai local trains. Yes! I squeeze my book or tab in the crowded train just to read. Reading blanks out the crowd and fights/abuses around. In fact I have so habituated to it now when I read at home with complete silence I feel sleepy while reading. (Such is the impact :P)

Anyways, back to answering the question. I don’t want a luxurious space for writing. Imagine a meter long wooden table, brown would be ideal and a chair complementing it.  On the table would be my laptop, a case to hold colorful pens, pencils and paper
pins, post-it stickers and a clock.  Hard copy of book I am reading or kindle format in tablet.


There would be diaries, yes, DIARIES! I am a big fan of writing everything down- The Old school tip! How can I not have my headphones!

A board with my monthly planner, favorite quotes (again a huge fan of) and photos. As simple as that.

Writing prompt:February 3, Writing room

Think global, act local

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“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one

No I am not going to talk about global warming or deforestation. Yes they are a major concern but I do not want to talk about it here.

The main concern for me is not a global issue but a national issue. The world knows: Demonetisation. It may not have affected the high income individuals but it has wrecked my savings.

Expert says invest 10 per cent of monthly salary. Ok. I followed it religiously, but what is the outcome after demonetisation?

I invest minimum amount in stocks (because I cannot bear losing my hard earned money). FD or fixed deposits are the only source of investment for middle class society owing to the good interest rate it offered. Post-demonetization the interest has dropped down due to flooding of money in the bank.

What I wish is for is to increase my savings the safest way! Will this investment option give best return in future? 

This post is written for the daily writing prompts: February 2, Think global, act local


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Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

First, I don’t know the actual meaning of it (Is that an actual word?)

Ok, let me invent a definition for it. It is a stock puppet like the ones in Sesame Street.

Flangiprop are amazing tools when it comes for kids’ education. They come in their favourite characters and colors. They are fun to work with. In the world of smartphone, tablets and ipad, flangiprop still has it marks on a child’s memory. It is very useful while narrating stories and implementing good habits in kids.

Flangiprop can be important when communicating to an autistic child. The vibrant colours and shapes are able to attract the kids’ attention. Imagine an autistic child speaking!

Now let’s check the actual meaning of flangiprop: I landed on various wordpress blog with same writing prompt.


This post is written for daily prompt February 1, Flangiprop!


write every day, writing challenge, Writing prompts

Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

I would have taken everything as I work hard each day to make the house a Home. It would be devastated to see my home burnt down.

This post is writtern for daily writing prompts, January 31, Burnt