About Me

Epiphany (Sneak-peek and not everything)

Strangers or first time meet will describe me as ‘egoistic’. I am not exaggerating, my closed ones now revealed this when they first met me. During first meet I interact minimal. (It might be fear of trusting too much) This is where I can fail when quoting, “First impression is last impression.”

The ones who know me, I am completely opposite of the above.

3 words which describes me: Conscientious, Patient (Lot!), Rational (almost) though sometimes irrationality haunts me.

I am not a fashionista but follow the style I am comfortable in. My wardrobe currently consists of Indian outfit and less of western wear.

My quirk- I loved watching (still do sometimes) Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Duck Tales, Talespin, Doraemon, the list will go on. I use to imitate the voice of various characters especially the ones dubbed in Hindi. Oh how I still love it- my unfulfilled desire to become a voice over artist 🙂

I am a big FOODIE. I may not look like one but I love to eat variety of food. I also love to cook new cuisines. I most often stick to healthy food but once in a while I treat myself with fast food 😉

I love to travel and explore but when it comes to solitude, I want home. I can stay hours alone in home contemplating.

What more serene can be other than writing down my thoughts here! It is better to pen down rather than letting them overpowering mind, body and soul.