A Three-day Quote Challenge – Day 3

“Never EVER EVER Give Up!” That’s the third and final quote for this challenge as well as the mantra of my life.

We all have downfalls. We still are living and breathing. Why? We might know the exact ‘why’ but there is the slight trace of ‘not giving up’ inside us.

My childhood was good but not health wise. I had almost all the diseases that affect children. I had severe eczema and sinusitis. When these left, I had the worst form of Psoriasis. When I look back, it seems I was living with diseases.

There was one time, when my lungs were about to give up due to infection. I still remember, that moment when I had felt I was going to die because I wasn’t able to breathe. 

Every time I was rescued with medical aid and I am grateful for the same. 

Apart from physical ailments, my mental health too was taking a toll on me. I was depressed. Those dark days still give me chills. I did not take any medical help or talk with anyone regarding it. The only rescue for me was distraction. I kept myself busy working, completely drowned in work along with traveling (lots of it!) 

By the end of the day I used to be dead tired doing all the chores as well as work but I used to sleep peacefully. This saved me from the doom. 

I may not accomplish what I ‘want’ in this life but I always push myself saying that I never should give up. Giving up is only reserved for the last breathe of this life.

This was one side of ‘not giving up’. Let me toss the other side of ‘giving up’. I have given up the fear of ‘what others would think.’ I have given up few people in my life. They just exist for me. I am trying to give up the feeling of regret and I can’t help but sharing this quote by Marilyn Monroe: 


Hi-5 if you believe in it too and look at her smile. She brightens me every time I see her.

So here is the end of the 3 day quote challenge. Thank you CW once again. And my final nomination is : Observations From A 30 Something Year Old Wanderer

After sharing all the quotes which I kept saying I have them on my home wall. Here is a glimpse of them. Please ignore my amateur artistry 😀

inspirational quotes
© kohleyed7


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