A Three-day Quote Challenge – Day 1

I am late, far too late in posting this. Thank you CW for nominating me for this three-day quote challenge which I was and am excited to complete. But as the events are moving forward on my side, I lack the motivation to come here and write.

Anyways, let’s move on. We have to.

The rules of the game go like this:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. [Thanks, CW! Aside to everyone else: if you haven’t checked out her blog, you should. She writes beautifully and honestly, and in a way that speaks to my very core]
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days and explain why it appeals to you
  • Nominate bloggers to participate in the challenge each day

nothing lasts forever

I love quotes. I mean…LOVE them. They make me happy. They push me when I have stopped abruptly on life’s path. They pull me when I fall in pit of depression. They give me wings and make me believe – Sky is the limit.

I have dozens of quotes printed out. I have pasted them on my walls. This 3-day quote challenge is the perfect opportunity to share the three quotes which will welcome you once you step in my home.

Disclaimer: With the default mode of my current life with infertility, I am bound to connect the quotes with it!

The first quote is: rien n’est e’ternel (French)

I cannot pronounce is but that did not stop me from giving a space for it on my wall because I love it. It means, “Nothing Lasts Forever.” Comment below, if you believe it too.

‘Nothing’, absolutely nothing – good or bad last forever. As the saying goes – Life goes on. (For few, it might not, I agree.)

Do you find it relatable to infertility too? (I am happy if your rainbow baby is in your arms) Does that mean infertility too, will not last forever? But I have come across MANY who are fighting against it for many years now. Even if we accept the very fact of our life, can we change the residual feeling of not conceiving ever, with this quote in our head?

Can we accept living with it? Probably we can, but it will sting forever. Questions, all that I have!

Thinking apart from infertility, I truly believe in this quote. I had a short time period – (let’s call it bad) where I had been uprooted and planted to a different land. That carried my darkest days of my life. I overcame it. Those bad days did not last forever.

I nominate: Sprha of Following my dreams… Journey towards fertility. (She is the first Indian whom I have connected with so well.)

So here I am, first day of June with the first post of the month. I hope I continue to write forever.


rien n'est éternel

7 thoughts on “A Three-day Quote Challenge – Day 1

  1. I guess it is because nothing lasts forever that we make the best of our time now – good situations and bad ones, and hold on to the belief that even the worst things will pass :). Thank you so much for the shout-out, and glad to see you writing again! ❤

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