IVF, Life, Vacation

Here I am again after long absence. There’s lots being going on with respect to ttc, first IVF cycle, emotional, physical and work. I am taking everything at its own pace. I haven’t planned huge for near future. In fact I am not even thinking about tomorrow, it avoids the apprehension, fear and breaking of expectations.

Living in this moment is what I’m striving for. I started writing this post while I was in salon. Yes sometimes the change in your look or hairstyle is what you need. Try it, it changes the whole perspective about yourself. You will fall in love with self.

Update on ttc: We are heading towards our first IVF cycle. This is my second month on estrogen followed by progesterone and with supplements. I am on 6 mg of estrogen daily which was reduced from 8 mg from first month since it was taking a toll on my body. I had severe cramps, dead tired and my skin, oh! I have been attacked by army of soldier even I am vitamins.

I’m looking forward to our counselling session. I want to know how H feels about all this. I want to know a mens perspective. Though sometimes as a couple you may not share all and everything emotionally when it comes to infertility.

I would believe in miracle only if my failing ovaries pop out a follicle to fertilise later. I am far from expecting any of this happening considering the stage of my Premature ovarian failure. This isn’t true for my mother because she believes it might happen. I don’t want to hurt her with harsh truth so I do not speak the opposite.

To accept what it’s in front of us and living with it, we are heading for a short vacation. There is so much to learn while you travel and explore. I will updates on my Instagram account : kohleyed7

Stalk me there 😁

Till then, see you all soon.

I love to make memories especially during travel. They give a special touch to my life.

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