Highbrow | 5-Minute Lessons Delivered To Your Inbox

Are you on Instagram? Twitter? Facebook?

Probably ‘Yes’ to all, right? Ever wondered how much time do we invest on each social platform? It is estimated that the average daily time spent on social media by each person is:

YouTube: 40 minutes

Facebook: 35 minutes

Snapchat: 25 minutes

Instagram: 15 minutes

Twitter: 1 minute

surprise gif
Do you spend more time than these statistics?

No surprise we all do, indeed!

There are thousands of feeds about current events, entertainment, hacks, tips and tricks flooding on our social media platform. But how much do we learn and put it for use? Mostly less because at the end of the day we forget the information bombarded in the feeds.

A few minutes of informative video or text makes a great impact on our learning and broadening our knowledge.

I had randomly landed on Highbrow – an email subscription service which provides 10 day courses which are broken down into 5-minute lessons.

If you are an art student or enthusiasts, want to start a business, learn new language, philosophy or writing, there are courses for each category.

There are about 140 courses made by Highbrow which is categorized under:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Health
  • History
  • Language
  • Nature
  • Philosophy
  • Productivity
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Writing

Highbrow has free and Premium membership (annual and monthly subscription). The great part is there are numerous courses available in free membership.

highbrow | learn something new every day

Check out some courses which are fun to opt for and also gain knowledge through 5-minute lesson everyday:

How To Make A Viral Video

How To Make Your Own Podcast (My favorite one, hope to start one of my own! :D)

How To Change Any Habit And Make It Stick

Journey Into Minimalism (Minimalism is the #trend on high rise)

Amazon FBA Fundamentals: From No-Experience To Selling Your Product
What I like about Highbrow:

·      You have to invest 5-minute of learning something you love. After reading the mail, you can begin with implementation of the lessons.

·      You are introduced to new concepts

·      You will receive good suggestions and tips in mails

The only drawback of the free membership is you are allowed to start only one course at a time which according to me is good as I can focus on one thing at a time.

Highbrow also offers you to Become a Teacher by building a course in your expertise. What are you waiting for? Teach, earn and share your knowledge in this web world. 

teach on highbrow
Host Your Course With Highbrow and reach over 300K learners

This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing what I liked. After all, life is all about learning till the end!

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