Grieving The Loss of a Baby I Never Had

Have you ever experienced the empty barren feeling? The lives around move but you are desolate from inside. I woke up with this lonesome feeling today.

Should I blame it on hormones of CD3? I will not! H is out of town and I haven’t told him about aunt flo (AF) because I have failed again in this cycle.

I refrain talking about AF to my mom too and as Lord Ganesh is going to arrive in many houses she warns me not to touch him. This infuriates me. If God didn’t want him to be touched by me he never would have created women.

grieving the loss of a baby

Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

And if AF is a taboo then many men have done far worse deeds to be allowed to touch God.

With all these thoughts churning inside me a post in the Huffpost newsletter caught my attention: What You Should Know About Grief, Summed Up In One Illustration.

The theme of the article is: Grief affects everyone differently. I am grieving for the loss of a baby which I never had.

People do not understand my grief, the suffering I am living with every single day. I am not insensitive to the fact that there are females getting pregnant around me, babies are born, kids play. The sight of them stings me; don’t get me wrong but not having one of my own hurts me.

I have been adamant all throughout life but now I break down quite often when the first symptom of PMS strikes me. I have faith in God but I keep fighting with him a lot these days. I keep believing he is testing my patience but I am fearful of my perseverance fading away.

12 thoughts on “Grieving The Loss of a Baby I Never Had

  1. The grief and loss in infertility it very real. It took me years to acknowledge it even though I knew it was affecting most aspects of my life, I just couldn’t deal with it. You are allowed to be sad and to grieve, just remember to put yourself first and be kind to yourself xx

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  2. Hey, i am sorry you are struggling with this and that it ca be hard for you to talk to the people around you about it! It can be such a lonely place to be in because, like you say, people can find it hard to understand! I hope things get easier for you soon!

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  3. I can’t able to understand since I am a men, the emotions can’t be understood.

    However, what I can understand, their is betterment in everything happened.

    Someone told me, what if we got a special child, than one will complain about it would be better we don’t have etc etc.

    Be patience, my cousin got married when he was 23 and his wife 18. He got 8 siblings, all of them except of one got 5+ kids and on top he was the 2nd to the eldest amongst the 8 siblings.

    So the pressure was huge, they tried everything and went to countless doctors and medication and treatment.

    But God listened to them and granted them a son all of a sudden when they turned 40th. So hang in and keep up the faith and keep going 😋😋😋


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