Don’t Throw the Flag, Plant It and Grow It

Did the title confuse you? 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day in India after fighting for 150 years for the freedom. It is the day when the patriotism overflows in every Indian citizen. I am not going to elaborate about the celebration but talk about the post-independence day.

The patriotism which had overflowed on the day seems to dry completely the next day. How? The flag which we proudly pin on our dress, our vehicle, and in every nook finds itself on the lane, in the dirt. Don’t even imagine how many footsteps it has to endure.

I am not a saint. The flags are down the lane which has to be overstepped because it is difficult to pick each as they are all over.

indian flag, growth

Image Source

What can we do to stop this? If we could, then there wouldn’t have been a single flag on the road. With so many laws and regulations set up by the new government it also has to take a stand with this situation as well. But then people find an escape route even after breaking the law.

If we can’t stop people throwing the flag after 15 August we can at least create something innovative. I came across the amazing concept by Gift Green India who created a new kind of flag made with paper infused with seeds and came with the simple motto “DON’T THROW ME, GROW ME”. Yes, that’s true, check the images.

I am going to sow it and wait for it to grow as is their motto too – Sow Love. Grow Happiness. This is not a sponsored post. I shared it because of their unique idea. 

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