Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

What is the word meaning of reincarnation?

It is a noun: the rebirth of a soul in another body.

How about believing in ‘metamorphosis’ which means rebirth but in the same soul? I do believe it.

We all metamorphose in our lifetime for good or bad. Phases of life can be compared to playing tennis. The ball is thrown by unknown life stages. We need to strike back with such a strategy to win a point and not a foul. The audience cheer for us or discourages. Always try to hit the ball!

Unlike tennis life has many sets. We win some, we lose some. 

I do believe in Karma, life will hit us back anytime but in this lifetime not in next one (if there is one).

Daily writing prompts- February 8, Karma chameleon.

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