Smartphone – My Lifeline?


Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

The day when my simple mobile turned to a Smartphone our roles reversed. I became dependent on android rather than I controlling it. (I AM A SLAVE!) Well, that was a bit dramatic but  our life revolve around mobile phone.

Morning starts from waking up to the alarm set on my phone. My morning routine doesn’t start with checking FB, Insta or Twitter (what a sigh of relief) though I do ON the Wifi.

I have a bad habit of watching YouTube, checking tweets, instagram while having breakfast (Yes, this IS A bad habit).

It is not a lifeline as I or anyone can live without it and neither is it a buzzing nuisance. I have disabled unnecessary notifications (WhatsApp being one of the many, believe me, nothing but forwarded message flood in WhatsApp now-a-days instead of actual communication).

It has made my life easy by putting an end to stand in queues for hours for paying bills or transacting money.

Not all but many misuse the advantage of Smartphone. Let us stop what the photo depicts.

funny smartphone android quote
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Daily writing prompt: February 5, Call me, maybe

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