Through the window I see

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

The brightest star, may be my guardian angel. Whenever I am sad, watching sky makes me calm, be it during day or night.

It is strange to see the night sky. It covers so many mysteries inside it.

I love watching airplane even now. It brings back memories of my childhood. I keep gazing at it till I no longer see it. The twinkling red, yellow lights brings some kind of joy. There are hundreds of people in it, high above.

I turn my gaze down. I am at the highest point of the complex (not too high though). I can see many apartments. Some have windows open so that anyone can peek in the house. No I am not peeking, I just saw what this prompt asked me to.

Few houses always have their curtains closed. I sometimes wonder how can they not let the outside light and air come in. Well that’s my thought.

This time of hour is meeting time for youngsters to catch up with their friends.

It is quiet calm and peaceful looking out now. No noise, no fights, no honking. Just simple lovable silence.

This post is written for the daily writing prompts. January 29, Through the window



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