My Eulogy- Goodbye, too soon!

Hey Bumbum,

You lost the bet! You left this world before me. Me, who smoke 2 packets of cigarettes each day and ferment every weekends till I drop.  How not smoking not drinking and eating healthy food led you to the deathbed. (You should have smoked or had a peg with me) I know you must be infuriated and finding ways to convey your anger through the emoticons 😛

Who will lend me ears when I want to speak out at mid-night? Who will understand the sense in my non-sense? Who will understand that I want to say something when I say ‘nothing’?

You kept our friendship alive even after your alliance. I had doubted you would. You were amazing at keeping every relation alive. I was bit furious, bit happy, and little bit sad after you broke the news of engagement. But you balanced friendship and personal life undoubtedly. (You acted like a grown-up in certain situations :D)

Should I stop if you are getting bored? :O But I will continue to blabber as you cannot STOP ME 😛 After all I have got this one and only chance to annoy you 😀 😀 (How I love doing that!)

People never knew you ‘well’. How would they? You never revealed your inner-self each and every one  who stumbled in life. I must say, you were ‘picky one’ when choosing people.You had wonderful skill to ignore people you don’t like without even them knowing the fact you hate dislike them.

These were the good things about you as a person. Now let me list down the bad/dark side or the side which I hated.

Number one: You cursed self at many occasions during working in initial days(you were doing the duty, as the work demanded)

Number two: You never put forward what you wanted. This landed you in soup, let me be very clear about this. You could have ended the bitter relationship a long back.

Number three: You never gave me much time of yours. Yes I hated that. Whom would have I turned for opinions on my personal life?

Number four: I hated you married a bit early in the life. Why? I am sounding selfish, but I needed you more in my life.

Number five: I hate you for living this world before me.

I will not miss you. I can never miss you. Missing you would mean I have forgotten you. Could I ever?

personal eulogy speech


Photocredit: Photopin
This post is written for daily writing prompts: January 25
Dearly departed
Write your own eulogy.

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