Ode to my playground

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

You let my tiny little feet walk over. Those tiny feet grew to a young child’s feet. You witnessed it all. You were the reason I could catch up with friends. We played. Our laughter circulated all around you. You met me realize the importance of friendship, of being physically active, of life surrounding me.

We played for fun but without our knowledge you kept us active and healthy. You warded off many lifestyle sedentary diseases. The fresh air added fun and zeal in our life. I knew the various species of butterflies, bugs, birds which visited and lived on the trees which you gave ground to root into.

We destroyed you for to make some more space to live on. You will be missed. You will be missed by this generation for whom playing is only on smartphone or play station. We have become a couch potato. Without you, we are dependent on medicines to keep us fit. The normally found species of insects are becoming extinct. Birds don’t chirp anymore. Neither do friends meet anymore.

You will be missed.

This post is written under daily writing prompts. January 28


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