Home delivery

Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

Home delivery of products via online shopping and not delivery of baby at home if you thought by reading the title.

Seriously, it is a boon especially to women (not being a sexist). Imagine traveling miles for daily groceries even when she is unwell. I experience the painful period and how tedious it is get out of home during  this time. 

A homemaker or a working woman, groceries at doorstep has lessen the burden. Have you read n number of posts regarding ‘me time’s or pamper routine? How many actually spend such time in this fast paced world?

My day starts at 6 am and all I do is cook, bathe, get ready for work, stand in queue for auto, run for catching the train, bus and 8 hours at work. The reverse of this happens in evening.

By the time I think of pampering self the day leaves me exhausted.

The only time I squeeze out from this daily chores is time saved from ordering groceries online. I do not have to rush to a store, search for the products in various section, stand in queue for billing. 

Though there are many life saving invention but for me the best thing since sliced bread is groceries available online and at my doorstep.

This post is written under daily writing prompts. January 27, Sliced bread

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