I got skills

January 22

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill
in the world, which skill would you pick?

Coding languages! Seriously! I know how to work on Microsoft Office (basics obviously). I can browse through internet knowing the safe and danger sites. I have knowledge about SEO (not SEO tools), but when it comes to HTML- I am lost. The symbols in it are foreign language for me. With the increasing pace of sites, blogging and everything connected to net, learning ‘how to code’ has become an essentials like eating and drinking (If you have to put your mark in this web world). My brain becomes fuzzy when I hear the words- java, plugin, php, SQL and many more.

I recently read, ‘The First 20 hours– how to learn anything fast’ by Josh Kaufman which made me choose this among many skills. He has very well elaborated why he took the skill to learn programming. The main media for his hard work and research to reach the audience is his website which would crash with the increasing traffic. Once he learned the skill of learning programming, he was able to reach out to his million readers without the website being crashed.

Learning ‘Coding’ is on my list if I have to sustain in this ocean of web. After all the greatest man has said: 


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