January 12

Take two

Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people, or scenes.

The above image of sun signs is the first thing I see outside my workplace. The second image I won’t share here as it is a default workplace picture.

Let me connect the two images. I am surrounded with colleagues with these sun signs. How well the images can be inter-linked!

I am a Gemini who is said to have varied personalities (which I am). I am chatty at one moment and also quiet yet expressive.

Taurus is stubborn and sits still once the work assigned is completed. This Taurian is also a DJ (great entertainer) which complements the versatility of Gemini in loving music. Taurian also raises voice against injustice at workplace.

Cancerian is very artistic, always ready to help, creates a delightful environment. Talks about caring of family and also sometimes has fleeting emotions. Gemini and Cancer are very much compatible. 



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