January 9
You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

They all were staring me with their hungry looking eyes. I, I couldn’t utter a word or cry for help. All I kept was groping in dark to find a helping hand. My efforts gone in vain. It felt like they could see through me as if I am completely naked and this scared me the most. Suddenly I could feel one of their breathes on my skin, breathing in and out. The warm air sent chills down my spine. Slowly I felt they all were coming near me by their grazing movements. I couldn’t move. I was stuck were I was. Out of no where all of them started to shout at same time. Fear gripped me but still I caught on the words they were yelling. One of them whispered in my ear,”What is sin /cos?”

Mathematics was my greatest fear. Civics and history both shook hands with it and scared the hell out of me.

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